Building the Web | 3 Days Workshop on HTML, CSS, Google Tools,etc

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Building the Web

The first workshop of the year kicked off in GDG Birgunj Style, we didn’t expect it to happen so early, and the whole event was planned within 3 days. Deciding the contents, preparing slides, choosing the GDG
members for presentation, registrations of participants etc all was finalized in these 3 days.

We did it in such a rush because we saw an opportunity to kick off, the 3 days holiday at college attracted our senses to hold this event and we get started.

“Building the web” was the name given to the event and was Scheduled to be held from 30th Jan to 1st Feb the event primary focus was teaching the attendees all basics about HTML and CSS as well as about Google tools like Advance search, G Drive, Image search etc.

The Event Starts 

Day 1 ( 30th Jan 2013)

On 30th Jan 2013 the event kicked off with Introduction about Google Developer Group Birgunj.
The Event was Jointly lead by Aman Kumar Routh, Arati Singh and Neha Gupta , the members of GDG Birgunj.
Introduction to GDG Birgunj was given by Aman Kumar Routh .
Later on Neha Gupta carried on with basic of HTML in the first session of the day, 

 The Topic discussed were:
  • Intro to HTML
  • Defining Basic Syntax of HTML
  • Using HTML Attributes
  • Hands-on Practical 
  • Basic Intro to CSS
In the Second session of the day that was after the Snacks break; Intermediate of HTML and some advance level of HTML concepts were introduced like:
  • Form Designing
  • Tables
  • Alignment of Elements
  • Frame 

 Day 2 (31st Jan 2013)

Second day session was lead by Arati Singh, but before introducing new hings we checked out the Tasks we have given to our Attendees.
We were happy to see all of them were doing great with minor errors.
On second day basics of JavaScript was taught to the attendees, they were amazed to see such function and were excited to know more. Moreover we kept on including CSS techniques wherever it was necessary, we wanted to make sure attendees understand properly every part of the code, so Aman kept on defining the CSS terms on a regular basis.

We carried on with Hands on Practical session; the attendees were coding along with us and were getting excited every time they were able to do it without any errors.

The Things introduced were:
  •   Hard coded calculations using JavaScript 
  •  Accepting user input and showing results to them 
  •  Designing of a Whole Personal Enquiry form , which accepted data
    from user and then Displayed them in a Message box.
  •  Many more such Functions using Buttons and other Elements
       After the Snack break we gave them some simple task like 
  •  Designing a simple webpage and changing its background color with a click of button
  • Changing a text to image on click of button as well as with mouse-over. 
  • A simple form for doing Mathematical Calculations….etc.

Now it was time for HTML 5, we started with embedding of Videos in the webpage and gradually move on with 
  • Embedding Audio  and animations, 
  • HTML 5 key elements, and little bit description about Canvas.

Day 3 (1st Feb 2013)

The third day was lead by Aman Kumar Routh, we started with Google tools and the first one was Google Search, we taught them about advance search and showed them real power of search.

Things discussed were:
  • Google advance search
  • Google Image  search
  • Google Drive
  • Google Maps
  • Google calendar
  • Play store
  • Android O/S overview 

Hereby the students and attendees were able to learn and build the web and remix in their own way.
We are looking forward to place such events regularly in near future.

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