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During Keynote
GDG DevFests are large, community-run events that can offer speaker sessions across multiple product areas, all-day hack-a-thons, code labs, and more. In 2014, the official DevFest Season was placed on November 22nd at Birgunj by GDG Birgunj.

And hereby, is greeting you all, a very big Thank You for being part of it. All the Volunteers, Speakers, Sponsors, Partners,Members and the Well Wishers, without whom this event would not be possible.   

A Brief Detail on Event Stats

Agendas: Click Here

Total No. of Participants: 150
Event Photos: Click Here
Presented Slides & Videos: Click Here
Swags Provided: T-Shirt, Stickers, Lollipop, GDG DevFest Kit & Certificates

Speakers: Keshav Maharjan, Samrakchan Ghimire, Binisha Shrestha, Nhasala Joshi & Dipesh Kumar
Group Photo

Topic Covered

Android and Android Wear
Entrepreneurship in Nepal: Problem & Solution with Google Tech
WomenTechmakers Story
 Android App Development (Hello World)
Navigation with Google Map & Mapmaker
Success Story: Being Android Developer
Women In Tech
App Engine
Android L:Lollipop Overview
Google And OpenSource
Google Car, TV, Glass, etc.
Android Studio & Play Store
Google Apps for Education & Business
Udacity Courses by Google
Arduino Demo & Overview
And Many More Talks-Demos
Binisha & Nhasala speaking on 'Women In Tech'

A Brief Summary
After two months of planning and the collaborative work done by every members we finally concluded the very first GDG DevFest Session in our city Birgunj. Registration was carried by both online and offline. About 100 people registered via online and 60 via offline. In-spite the keynote was delayed, the event concluded on  time. 
Marking our First Anniversary, each participants were provided with chocolate candy and a Lollipop Stick. 
The hardware demo by Nhasala Joshi added a good impression to the audience showing the empowerment of Women. 
The Session of Amit Agrawal was carried by Samrakchan Ghimire as he was unable to attain the  event due to some personal issue. The navigation with Google session by Keshav Maharjan, which is recently launched in Nepal, gave a quick impression that "a man with google in his hand can't be lost". And the Android Wear Debriefing session by Samrakchan Ghimire made the audience lightened about the aspects of Android and its unlimited features in day-to-day life. 
Yes, we were affected by the SAARCH Summit as well. The Design Sprint Session "Code-Design for Birgunj: Greater Birgunj" has been postponed until next notice. 

Talking about the Impact; this was the very first Google Fest in the City. People really enjoyed the Tech-Story and the Sessions by our speakers. Few interesting ideas and discussion came for Android App and Play store. Some were interested to the Google Start-up Launch program and the interesting part was that they were using it. Few moderators asked us to apply Google Apps for their Business and Colleges. The only thing that was seen odd is the participation of the Girls. Of the total population only 15% of Women Participation was seen at the event. Hope, this figure get increased by next year.  
At the end Wrap-up and thanks giving session was enlightened with the Happy Faces as they received the event participation certificates & the Strawberry Candy. Many more plans and events will be seen by next year. Hope to see you soon. Thanks Everyone.

In-short: the First Anniversary of GDG Birgunj was simply Awesome.

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