Google I/O 14 Post Event | Final Touch

Posted By: Unknown On Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Aman, Demonstrating the Live Demo
Sometimes a plan is not needed to make an event, only the enthusiasm of yours is enough to invite an event of your choice. Same thing happened yesterday (July 14). Few Phone calls from our members made us to place this Event at an instant of time.
And for this you don't need any agendas or such type of planning, just needed thing is to the follow the crowd and just listen to them.

After TWO successful I/O event by GDG BIRGUNJ this year, one at BIRGUNJ and another at ILAM. Attendees were much more excited and motivated with this event series and thereby was waiting with their Queries and Question to to Solved.
Watching their enthusiast, we decide to keep this as Google I/O Post Event | Final Touch, where we tried to answer all about their Questions and Eagerness.
Thereby we came to Address following Queries/Question:

  1. Benefits of Google I/O.
  2. Recently announced Google Technologies: Description and Overview.
  3. Android L Dev tools, Android wearables, and their API's.
  4. Getting Started with the Android.
  5. Google Map API's.
  6. Google Drive API's and its use for General Purpose Computing.
  7. And Many mores......
Happy Faces with Event Certificates

Besides that, the certificate distribution program and other left over task was carried at the end of the event. 
In-short: It was a very much interactive Talks and Hands-On Lab Session for them. 
Will take their suggestions and regards in a positive way and hence will try to enhance our Events to better level.
Thank You Everyone for Your Jovial Supports.

Google I/O Extented 2014: ILAM (Event Summary)

Posted By: Unknown On Saturday, July 12, 2014

2014, really is the great start up for the ILAM as well, this is the first #google event in ILAM. On 7th of July the stage was ready for our 2nd "Google I/O Extended 2014" for this season.
Over 100 attendees took part in the event. And most of them were between age group from Grade VIII to K12 students. This type of participation in a Technical stuffs have highly encouraged us to take our events and discussion to High School and K12 Level as well.
IO14 at Fikkal High School, Fikkal, ILAM
Venue: Fikkal High School, Fikkal, ILAM

Sandip Niroula Explaining the Video
 Sandip Niroula one of the member of GDG Birgunj and NOSK here in the picture is illustrating the viewing season as well as Explaining the queries from the attendees.
The key attraction of the event was Android Wear, Google Car, Android TV, Google Apps and its use, Tips and Tricks for the internet and its use and many more suitable discussions were carried on for the High School/K12  Students.
The pictures of the Event can be viewed at: CLICK HERE

Ilam (इलाम) is a Hilly district of Mechi Zone in Nepal's Eastern Development Region. Very few Tech events and IT stuffs take place in there. We are proud to introduce the Google and its Technology in there. And will be looking forward for such initiation in other region as well.

Previous Event: Google I/O Extended 2014: Birgunj (Event Summary)

Google I/O Extended 2014: Birgunj (Event Summary)

Posted By: Unknown On Friday, July 4, 2014

#io14 : Birgunj
Last Year we came up with our First event on 15th May 2013: “Google I/O 2013 Birgunj”. 

This year we are proud for placing two successive Google I/O Extended 2014 in Nepal. 
Last week on 27th of June 2014, Birgunj was charmed with the Google I/O Extended 2014 and on July 7th we will be placing our 2nd I/O event for this season at ILAM.
Event Website For:

#io14 Birgunj
At Birgunj
This was the First Time where we distributed the Official Google I/O Extended '14 T-Shirt and GDG Birgunj Stickers. Although the Swags were limited in number but we manged to make smile on every face. Thanks for your well-wishers for providing great ideas and support for our event.
Over all 60 attendees took part in this event. The Agendas can be studied CLICK HERE. And venue was marked at Birgunj Institute of Technology. Ice Breaker, Google I/O 2014 Viewing Season, Demos & Hangouts, Code Labs and Android App Inventor was the key attraction of the Event.
Food and Swags were provided to the attendees where as career building Tip & Tricks were also mentioned at the event. The talks and Discussion was mainly new Google Tech gears like Android Wears, Android L/TV/Car etc.
And finally the event was closed by the Thanks giving Program, A gimps of smile was seen on every face as they were happy to go home with the GDG Birgunj Event Certificate, T-Shirt and Stickers.

If in case you were not able to attend the event, Here is the YouTube video of the Keynote Session

For more details visit:

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