Off Hour Meetup : GDG Dang

Posted By: Unknown On Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Year 2018, We are going to start with study jams event for that, at off Hour Meetup:GDG Dang we have Discussed on  upcoming  Study Jams Event Series Q1 2018.

Topic :

in this discussion Dipesh and Niraj explained about basic of study jam an also
they have explained main related topics with study jam like, how can we start with study jam and many more.
by the conclusion we have decided to make a grand study jam session at birgunj, dang an other places of Nepal, so be ready for study jam.

About Study Jam

Many people learn better when they learn in groups. Study Jams are community-run study groups for developers covering a range of Google Developers content. Typically, Study Jams focus on completing a course, but some may focus on mastering a skill or product area.
The Study Jams objective is to raise the technical proficiency of global community members through the highest possible course completion rate.

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